Employment Law is a fast changing field where you need expert advice every step of the way. At Beaumonde Law Practice of Pinner in Harrow, we specialise in all aspects of employment law, advising both employers and employees.


By law all employees must be treated fairly and equally. If you feel you are not treated fairly and equally and have a grievance against your employer, then contact Beaumonde Law Practice and we will show you how to raise your grievance with your employer.

If your employer is taking disciplinary action against you, then Beaumonde Law Practice will show you how to defend it. At Beaumonde Law Practice, we can help you bring or defend proceedings at the employment tribunal and may be able to agree “No win No fee” funding (case dependant). We can also advise you regarding settlement/compromise agreements (where your employer would usually pay the costs of your legal advice by ourselves).

If you feel you are the victim of discrimination, bullying, victimization (whether sexual, religious, racial or homophobic), unfair dismissal, or unfair selection for redundancy then contact Beaumonde Law Practice for expert help and guidance.