Employment Law is a fast changing field where you need expert advice every step of the way. At Beaumonde Law Practice of Pinner in Harrow, we specialise in all aspects of Employment law, advising both employers and employees.


All employers must treat their employees fairly and equally by law. They must have grievance and disciplinary procedures in place. If grievance and disciplinary procedures are not in place or you do not apply them, then you may be found guilty of unfair dismissal.

At Beaumonde Law Practice, we have vast experience in employment law and can draft grievance and disciplinary procedures for you. Beaumonde Law Practice can give you advice about what to do if an employee raises a grievance or if you feel the need to take disciplinary action against an employee. Beaumonde Law Practice can draft contracts of employment and settlement/compromise agreements.

We can help you defend any claims an employee may bring against your business,with respect to their employment.This includes unfair dismissal,wrongful dismissal,discrimination and claims arising out of whistleblowing,union membership ,requests for flexible working and requests for parental leave.

If you need expert representation at the employment tribunal, then look no further than Beaumonde Law Practice.

If you are taking over another business then we can advise you as to your obligations towards the staff of that business.so as to avoid multiple claims against your business for unfair dismissal.

We can help you to settle any potential,or existing, claims against your business using our expertise in mediation.