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Criminal Law

Beaumonde Law Practice in Harrow we help Protect your reputation, liberty and, in some cases, employment.

In the past criminal Legal Aid was widely available. It was not dependant upon how much a person was earning. However that is no longer the case.

Criminal Legal Aid is now means tested in both the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court and anyone earning in excess of £25,000 will find it difficult to be granted Legal Aid.

Moreover there are a number of criminal matters for which Legal Aid is usually not available but which may affect a person’s career.This is particularly the case where the offences involve driving allegations such as speeding, careless driving and possession of small amounts of cannabis. All of these can have the result of ruining a persons career. Therefore private representation, at reasonable cost, is not only a good idea, but essential.

Even if an individual is eligible for Legal aid they may take the view that it is better to finance their defence privately. This is in circumstances where Legal Aid rates payable to Legal Aid lawyers have been slashed to such an extent that Criminal Legal Aid lawyers are earning less than they did 12 years ago.

The effect of this is that less experienced, and therefore cheaper, representatives are being used to conduct work at both the Police Station and the Magistrates Court.

At Beaumonde Law Practice we can deal with all Criminal matters at a reasonable cost and, as a result of Sundeep Bhatia having rights of Higher Audience in the criminal courts, we are in a position whereby we can fully prepare any criminal case from start to finish .

Beaumonde Law Practice offers quality representation at reasonable prices. Why risk conviction when your career, or even liberty, may be at stake?

Beaumonde Law Practice proprietor Sundeep Bhatia has dealt with all kinds of criminal law cases including

  • Murder

  • Manslaughter

  • Arson

  • Rape

  • Robbery

  • Serious fraud

  • Serious assaults and

  • Multi handed conspiracy cases.


Sundeep’s experience in criminal law cases dates back to 1994.

For expert representation on criminal matters, contact us.

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