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Road Traffic Matters


Road Traffic matters include

  • Dangerous Driving

  • Speeding

  • No Insurance

  • Careless Driving

  • Death by Dangerous Driving

  • Traffic Light Offences


A fixed fee of £500 plus VAT covers our attendance at the Magistrates Court for your first appearance , at court, for a road traffic offence which can only be dealt with at the Magistrates Court.(e.g. speeding, driving with no insurance, driving with no license or MOT, or driving with excess alcohol.)

This price covers one attendance at a Magistrates Courts, within a fifteen -mile radius of our offices in South Harrow, and only applies if you want our Sundeep Bhatia to cover the hearing.

Sundeep is very experienced and has 24 years of experience in presenting cases at the Magistrates Court. He is also a Higher Court advocate in criminal cases. Therefore, there is usually no need to instruct a Barrister, or external agent.

If you want us to instruct a Barrister, then their fees would be payable in as well as our fees. As Barrister’s fees vary, depending on their seniority, we can only give an estimate to how much might be chargeable in total. We believe that the total amount payable would increase to between £750 to £1500 plus VAT for one attendance, depending on the seniority of the Barrister instructed.

If attendance is required at a more distant Court ,then an additional fee will apply to take into consideration the extra travelling time involved. This will vary according to where in the country your case is being heard.

The fixed fee of £650 plus VAT covers


  1. Obtaining the case papers

  2. Taking your instructions at court , or at the office for up to one hour, and discussing likely sentence.

  3. Preparing a speech to persuade the court to give you a lighter sentence.

  4. Representing you at court on one occasion and presenting your case.

  5. Explaining the decision of the court and the sentence to you.

The price does not cover expert fees, expert reports or the cost of experts attending the court . (by experts we mean experts who are dealing with non- legal or scientific matters such as medical experts or psychologists.). If those are needed for sentencing, then we would obtain quotes from experts and would ask your permission to incur their costs.
Sometimes, the court will not sentence you on the same day and you may have to attend the court again, to be sentenced .

If your case is put over to another date , for any reason, then an additional cost of £450 plus VAT would be payable if that second attendance is at the same Magistrates Court.


As above, an additional fee would be payable if you want us to instruct a Barrister or if the court was outside a fifteen- mile radius of our office in South Harrow.

Please note that any fixed fee must be paid in full, in clear funds, before the court appearance date or we will not be able to represent you.

If you want to come and see Sundeep, to have a chat, before instructing this firm, then an initial fee of £225 plus VAT would be payable when you first come to see him, whether you decided to instruct this firm or not.

If you then decided that you wanted to instruct the firm then the balance of the fixed fee would need to be paid in full , before the court date, if you wanted us to attend court to represent you.


The cost of representing you for matters where you plead not guilty to road traffic matters, which can only be dealt with at the Magistrates court, would be between £1500 to £3000 plus VAT.

  1. The cost would depend on

  2. The number of witnesses for the prosecution.

  3. The number of witnesses needed to be called for the purposes of your defence.

  4. The length of time the trial is listed for.

Our representation would cover


  1. Obtaining the case papers.

  2. Taking your instructions.

  3. Advising you regarding your plea.

  4. Taking statements from witnesses needed in your defence.

  5. Attending all court appearances in your case.

  6. Obtaining expert reports if required. (However, please note that their costs and the costs of their attending court, if needed, would be extra costs that you would need to pay. We would ask for your permission to obtain such a report, and to incur the fees of the expert before any expert was instructed.)

The fixed fees apply if Sundeep Bhatia prepares and presents your defence.

If you want us to instruct a Barrister, then the fixed fees are likely to be £3000 to £5000 plus VAT because we would need to instruct the Barrister and would need to pay his or her fees.

Please note that all fixed fees are payable as soon as they are invoiced.

If you have not paid the full fixed fee before the trial date, then we will not be able to represent you at the trial.

If we need an interpreter to take instructions from you, or from a witness, then you would need to pay for the cost of the interpreter in addition to the fixed fee.

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