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If you are being made redundant or are leaving your job, your employer may very well present you with a document called a Settlement Agreement. 

A Settlement Agreement, if signed, is a legally binding agreement covering the end of employment. The Settlement Agreement will usually offer you a sum of money in return for agreeing not to take most kinds of  legal action against your employer now or at any time in the future.

It is important that you should receive expert independent legal advice regarding the consequences of signing the Settlement Agreement. In some cases the better option might be not to sign the Settlement Agreement  or to allow us to negotiate a better package for you before signing the Settlement Agreement. Your employer will usually offer a sum of money to us, (if you  our advice), to advice you regarding the consequences of Signing the Settlement Agreement. This is because if you sign the Settlement Agreement, without obtaining Independent Legal Advice, then the Settlement Agreement will not be binding.

The amount your employer is willing to pay us to advise you will be set out in the Settlement Agreement. Beaumonde Law Practice tries to limit its  fees to what is payable by your Employer. This means that, in many cases ,you will not have to pay anything  to us for independent legal advice because we will invoice your Employer.

Contact Beaumonde Law Practice, the employment law specialist, for legal advice on Settlement Agreements.

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