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Legal action is usually a traumatic and unsatisfactory experience for all concerned.

A Judge or a Tribunal chairman imposes a decision which may not be satisfactory to either of the parties.

The idea behind mediation is that both sides are assisted in coming to their own solution. Mediation can run alongside legal action. If mediation does not successfully resolve a dispute then matters discussed during the course of a mediation cannot usually be used in court proceedings.

The purpose of a mediator is to assist the parties in helping them to come to such a resolution.

Mediation can be used in virtually any kind of dispute including Employment Matters, Family Disputes, Commercial Contracts and Partnership Disputes.

Sundeep Bhatia of Beaumonde Law Practice is a qualified mediator trained by the Centre of Effective Dispute Resolution which is one of the world leaders in Dispute resolution.

Parties to a dispute, together with their legal representatives, can use mediation if they want to solve their dispute and save a large amount of money and time that would otherwise be wasted on legal fees and continuing anger, worry, and emotional distress.

From 1st May 2014 any claim presented at an Employment Tribunal will need to go through a process of Conciliation before it will be allowed to proceed.

It therefore makes sense to try and settle a matter, by means of Mediation, before a claim is presented to the Tribunal.

For expert help in mediation, contact Beaumonde Law Practice.

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