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Employment Law

Employment Law is a fast changing field where you need expert advice every step of the way. At Beaumonde Law Practice of Pinner in Harrow, we specialise in all aspects of employment law, advising both Employers and Employees.

Settlement Agreements 

If you are being made redundant or leaving your job, your employer may very well present you with a document called a Settlement Agreement

A Settlement Agreement, if signed, is a legally binding agreement covering the end of employment. Your Employer will usually offer you a sum of money in return for agreeing not to take most kinds of legal action against them.  We can often advice you without charging you because your employer will usually pay a contribution towards your legal costs. 

Criminal Law

We can represent clients at the Police Station, Magistrates Court and Crown Court. We only do this on a privately funded basis. We aim to provide the highest standards of representation and service and do not compromise on quality. For more information Click here. 

Road Traffic Matters

We have more than 26 years experience of representing clients regarding road traffic matters. We cover everything from Speeding to causing Death by Dangerous Driving on a Private basis. For more information Click Here. 


Sundeep Bhatia is an accredited Mediator trained by the world famous Centre of Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). For more Information Click Here. 

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