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A Farewell to business in Pinner

I moved to Pinner in 2002 .My wife and I fell in love with a house overlooking one of many parks in the area. We loved the selection of restaurants in the High Street and life was good . The only low point of the day was making the daily commute to Wembley. That could take an hour during the morning rush hour followed by another bumper to bumper hour of travel home in the evening. But then ,at the end of 2007 I saw that a service office complex was coming up around the corner from where I lived. At the time my wife was expecting twins. That made my mind up for me. I would vacate my office in Wembley and would take a unit at Evans House in Pinnner. I moved into Evans House in July 2008. At a flash my quality of life improved. My one hour commute in the morning was replaced by a five minute walk. My car,for the most part,took up residence on the driveway. However,most importantly of all,I was there for my wife and for my darling children. Between us we fed,watered ,cleaned and nurtured them 24 hours a day. I could rush home at a moments notice if my wife needed to slip out and I had the opportunity to see my children grow in a way that is not open to most commuting fathers. That was a priceless experience and one which I owe to the existence of Evans House. Evans House,for the last seven years ,has been a hotbed of local businesses interacting and prospering. Many of us work and live locally. We eat,sleep and shop in Pinner. We serve the many needs of the local community. Local shops and services prosper because of the presence of local business. Now,thanks to a change in planning regulations,all that is about to change. It has now become easy to apply for change of use so that office buildings can be converted into flats. It therefore becomes easy for Landlords to sell properties on to profit hungry builders. That is precisely what has happened to Evans House and many other local business centres. We have our marching orders and I am now working on an alternative which will involve a fifteen minute commute. It is not the end of the world but life will not be the same again. For the last six years Pinner has been a great place to live and work in. Now it’s just a great place to live in. I just hope that the exodus of business will not result in a High Street of restaurants and coffee bars being transformed into a High Street of boarded up shops.

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