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A new beginning for the SRA?

On Thursday evening I attended the opening of the Solicitors Regulation Authority headquarters at The Cube in Birmingham. The opening marks the end of a consolidation process whereby the previous buildings at Redditch and Leamington Spa were closed and all staff have been moved to The Cube. The Cube is an impressive headquarters for the SRA. It is also an example of hiding in plain sight . One has to pass through the street facade of The Mailbox and out the other side in order to gain entrance to The Cube. It is not easy to find unless one is given precise directions. The headquarters are both modern and impressive. Open plan offices are the order of the day . Desktops and monitors extend as far as the eye can see. A huge monitor hangs on the wall breaking down the nature of calls received. The Practising certificate renewal is its first big test. It looks as though they have a war room to deal with it. I am aware as to the circumstances surrounding why The Cube was chosen The current depressed market rate of commercial property has resulted in a commercially attractive deal for the profession. As Andrew Caplen,Deputy vice chair Sid on the evening “We want you,(ie the SRA ) to succeed.” The Law Society have given the SRA a ultra modern hub to do exactly that. The whole profession must wish them well.

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