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Access to Justice Revoked? By Sundeep Bhatia

Today the Law Society is highlighting the threat to “Access to Justice” with a breakfast seminar and an evening reception. “Access to Justice” has been under attack even before I qualified as a solicitor in 1992. Legal Aid cuts have become deeper and more wide ranging. Cuts over the last two years threaten the very existence of Legal Aid. Vast areas of scope,particularly in the family law arena,have been removed. Planned criminal law reforms will decimate representation of clients as the number of firms permitted to represent duty solicitor clients will be substantially reduced and the financial viability of most small firms will be undermined . In the face of such threats it is only right and proper that the Law Society should highlight the plight ,threats and challenges which face the continued availability of “Access to Justice.” Otherwise “Access to Justice” will only be available to those who can afford it. We cannot let that happen .

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