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Seven years ago ,this week ,Apple announced its first iphone.

I have been an iPhone user since 2010 and Apple’s wonder phone has enhanced my professional life in so many ways.

DICTATION In 2010 I was using an ancient Philips digital dictating machine from the turn of the century.

I originally had three but a process of cannibalisation meant that only one was left.

One day it croaked out its last digital file and departed for the digital graveyard in the cloud.

The cost of a replacement was £300. More in expectation,than in hope, I looked for a dictating app on the App Store .

To my delight I found one for the princely sum of £6.99.

Without a seconds hesitation I purchased it and ,in the process,I found that the iphone was a far better dictating machine than its Philips predecessor.

Once I got used to using the phone ,as a dictating machine ,I wondered whether voice recognition software was available.

Dragon ,the market leader,had an app. I downloaded it and grew accustomed to using it.

I cannot type with more than one finger so the software was very welcome.

After a few months I wondered why I still needed a secretary. I was now dictating and correcting my own letters. Therefore ,at the end of 2010 ,I reluctantly made my secretary redundant.

The availability of ipages now means that I can create word compatible documents.

RESEARCH The ipad is iPhone’s big brother .It,and the iphone ,make it easy to download and store digital copies of sentencing guidelines .

I often carry my ipad to court loaded with these ressources.

Iphone and ipad make it easy to load and download case decisions.

I am a Law Society council member and am given hundreds of pages of oapers to read at a time.

Iphone and ipad allow me to read these papers whilst travelling (on train!).

MORE EFFICIENT WORKING This is true of every smartphone. However the ability to email,type reports and write blogs,whilst on the move,is a source of constant convenience.

As a Sole practitioner it makes it easier for me to take my office on holiday.

SOCIAL MEDIA I learnt how to use twitter when I bought my first iphone.

If you follow the right people then it makes it easier to keep up with developments in the law .

The availability of newspaper apps also makes this easy.

I rarely purchase newspapers. I read the Gazette online.

The availability of all these resources makes it easy to share imformation via links on twitter,Google plus and Linked in.

Social Media allows me to share blogs and to promote both myself,my firm ,(Beaumonde Law Practice),and the work I carry out as a Law Society Council Member.

Social media is one of the best ways of marketing a Law Practice

In four short years the iphone has changed the way I work forever and,I believe,for the better

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