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Join me for a Diwali Celebration at The Law Society by Sundeep Bhatia

One of the greatest honours bestowed on me in 2013 was to host a Diwali Celebration at The Law Society.

The event was organised with the Assistance of the Hindu Lawyers Association,Association of Asian Women Lawyers and Society of Asian Lawyers.

Nick Fluck,President at the time,said a few words and then,for the first time ever,the Common room was filled with incense as a Hindu Priest performed Puja.

The speakers were all inspirational.

A special thank you must go to Lord Popat who was the Keynote Speaker.

His message was a simple one.

All Asians ,whatever their political views should consider entering into politics.

Lord Popat rose from humble beginnings and has achieved much in business and in the political life of this country.

Pictures from the event can be found at the Link below .

I am delighted that The Law Society have decided to host the event again this October.

I am also honoured to be asked to Chair the event again as a founding member of Asian Lawyers GB.

This year the guests and speakers are Judges and the theme is diversity in the Judiciary.

I especially look forward to introducing High Court Judge Rabinder Singh QC.

One of my favourite memories was attending Westminster Abbey in 2011 for the opening of The Legal Year.

I was so proud to see his white turban in a sea of wigs.

That brought home the magnitude of what he had achieved.

There are also other speakers who have made their mark in the Judicial world.

Judge Usha Karu is the first female Asian Circuit Judge and Judge Ray Singh CBE is the first ethnic minority Judge on the Welsh Bench.

I hope that you can join us at The Law Society on 13 October.

You can book at the link below.

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