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Let me help You .Criminal Legal Aid and the Grayling Reforms

I am a Law Society Council Member and I want to make a difference. I am one of three solicitors on Council representing the Ethnic Minority Constituency Criminal Legal Aid is a matter which is close to my heart. I have practised it since 1994. I have been a Duty Solicitor since 1995 and a Solicitor Advocate since 2004. I cannot dictate policy as a Council Member. However I can give feedback to Council and Law Society office holders and the CEO. I know feelings are running high about Graylings Legal Aid reforms. Use me to vent your frustrations. Let me forward your feedback. I will respect your wishes. If you want your response anonymised then let me know. It would ,however ,help to give as much information about the type of practise that you work for or own. There are a few ground rules. I will not pass on anything abusive or insulting. You are Lawyers and are therefore capable of expressing your views without resorting to expletives Fate has given me the chance to try and so something about it. I can also use Social Media to voice concerns. The more responses I get the better the job I can do . I will,as any good solicitor should,respect your confidentiality. I genuinely look forward to hearing from you whether you are a Sole Practitioner or a Member of the Bog Firms Group. Please use the email address to contact me Kind Regards Sundeep Bhatia

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