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Life with an iphone 5s.

I have spent 2 enthralling weeks with Cupertino’s latest and greatest iphone.It is my third iphone and follows in the footsteps of a much loved 3GS and 4S . I stuck with what I knew even though Android offerings such as the HTC one and LG G2 were very tempting. Yet staying within the walled Garden of Eden was also a tempting prospect. Changing from one generation of iphone to another is as easy as Doctor Who morphing from one generation to the next. Do an online backup ,activate new phone and,hey presto,all your apps,photos and emails are there ready and waiting. It does not get more painless then that. Like Doctor Who you also know what you are getting with an iphone no matter what the body shell looks like. By and large itis business as usual. The novelty of ios 7 has worn off.I ran it on my 4S for a couple of months.Yet it still has a fresh look and is a vast improvement on ios 6. The 5s is a bigger phone then my 4s.The bigger screen is welcome and strikes a great compromise between size and portability.That said it looks tiny compared to its Android brethren. My wife has had the five for a year so the form of the 5s comes as no surprise. There are some welcome improvements on the phone.The new 64bit processor makes the phone a delight to use. It is lightning fast in everything that it does. Downloading photos to a PC now takes seconds as opposed to minutes. Siri is instantaneous when I want to dictate an email and has become more accurate. 4S is a lot faster than 3S when itis available.Coverage is not universal at present.

The camera is better and taking slow motion videos proved a lot of fun with firework displays. The fingerprint sign in is less hastle than entering a password. The new phone has created a fresh dilemma due to the lightning connexion. I can no longer use my old Cambridge Dock,with 30 pin connexion, although it still houses my beloved ipod classic . I love internet radio and the various music apps so was keen to restore that facility to my hifi. As a result, an old pair of speakers in the attic has been exchanged for an Arcam Iblink which is a great sounding bluetooth receiver with an excellent digital to analogue converter. Even low quality feeds sound much better and my wife and I can easily link both our phones to the Hi-Fi with minimum effort. Suddenly my old school Hi-Fi has been dragged into the 21st century. What was good,in previous iPhones , remains good. The App Store is the best there is and all my apps carry over from the 4S. Free ipages makes it possible for me to create Word compatible documents . Build quality is immaculate. The Space grey back and black front look chic. What remains indifferent is battery life and call quality. The whole phone is a classy affair.It is the steady evolution of a classic design.The Porsche 911 of mobile phones. It suits me and will serve me well for the next 2 years.

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