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My review of Google music and The G Music iPhone app.

One of my favourite iPhone apps has been Audiogalaxy.It has allowed me to stream music from my computer and to play it on my hi fi at home or ,when out and about,where there is wifi, via my iPhone. This means that you only need a 16gb phone to carry your whole music collection around with you. However, just before Christmas, Audiogalaxy was bought out by Dropbox who promptly announced that the service will end on 31st January. I was bereft and wondered what I could replace it with. I did some research and selected Google music along with an iPhone app called g music. I selected Google music because it allows you to store up to 20,000 songs from your computer,free of charge ,in cyberspace. It works in the same way as iTunes Match in that Google allows you access to copies of all your tunes streamed at a reasonable 320kbps .The files are mp3. However Apple charge you more than £20 for iTunes Match Google have native apps for Android phones but I have an iPhone so I use a third party app,called gmusic ,to stream my GoogleMusic collection to my iPhone or ipad. The gmusic app costs £1.50 but it is add free. There are a few cheaper options ,supported by adverts,if you prefer. The gmusic app does its job just fine and even allows you to store tracks on the phone itself for times when you do not have access to wifi. Sound quality is acceptable and adequate for casual and background listening. This is a great app which increases the versatility of the iPhone at negligible cost.

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