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Police Station Advice 2012 The Ultimate Putdown

Hallo Mr Cameron I’m the Duty solicitor I’ve got nothing to do with the Police and the advice that I give is completely free of charge. In fact it really is .Most of the time The Ministry of Justice refuse to pay because they say it’s not in the interest of Justice. However before I can offer you any further advice I just need to ask you a few questions. What is your profession? Prime Minister I’m sorry but that’s not a profession it’s a title. Politician.That’s better(or should I say worse!).Sorry Mr Cameron that’s just my warped sense of humour.I’m sorry that you do not find that amusing. And what is your annual income?Is that net or gross? Do you have any documentary proof of that?You don’t. Yes Mr Cameron I know who you are but I have strict instructions from the Ministry of Justice not to represent anyone without documentary evidence .In any event you are well over the financial threshold for doing so.Also I’m not sure it’s in the interests of justice to attend. Perhaps you can arrange for someone privately. What do you mean it’s way past Kenneth’s bedtime? You could always arrange for someone to attend privately. Oh you left your wallet at Downing Street. You want me to make a call for you? Sorry Mr Cameron that goes far beyond my remit……….

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