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Solicitor Advocates Come of age

This is the day that Solicitor Advocates came in to their own. The law society launched its Solicitor Advocate division with a massive fanfare at Chancery Lane. Lord Igor Judge gave his Papal blessing to the new venture and sent out all the right signals with a speech that will live in my memory .

Never lose your personality when conducting your advocacy. Make sure to engage your audience by a combination of intonation ,vocal skills ,wit and humour. Never lose your sense of fun. Good advocates,whether they be Barristers or Solicitor Advocates ,are like Gold Dust and are to be treasured. The above was littered with a large number of amusing anecdotes .

Mike Kennedy,operations manager at the Crown Prosecution Service ,neatly summarised how Crown Prosecution Advocates were evaluated and ,in the process,restored our faith in the CPS.

Emma Page explained how SACHA embraced the creation of the new division and how it would work with The Law Society in the future. All concerned then withdrew to the bar(pardon the pun)where snacks and glasses of quaffable vino were consumed. I welcome the creation of the Solicitor dvocates division. The resources of the Law Society mean that the image of solicitor Advocates can be raised in the mind of the public. Indeed the only body that might not welcome the creation of the new division is The Bar Council . Get used to us because we are here to stay and to co-exist!

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