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The Wheels are coming off at Red Bull

The world of Formula One is in turmoil today as Ferrari accuse Red Bull of an unfair advantage by employing Adrian Newey as their designer. “How dare they employ a genius when we have to make do with the merely intelligent.Surely that cannot be right.As a result of this unfair advantage Red Bull are winning races and we are not to the detriment of Formula One.” Ferrari are rumoured to be demanding that either Mr Newey should be given a frontal lobotomy or Red Bull should be forced to race on three wheels for the rest of the season. Mr Newey,upon hearing Ferraris demands was heard to say “Bring it on.”

In a separate developement Lewis Hamilton has demanded that he be given every Sunday off. Hamilton was quoted as saying “I work hard enough Monday to Saturday so why should I not have Sundays off.”

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