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What next for Jeremy Clarkson? by Sundeep Bhatia.

So Jeremy Clarkson has finally been suspended from the BBC.

The exact reason why has not been made public.

That is probably a wise move on the part of the BBC.

Any publicity,at this stage,could jeopardise a fair disciplinary procedure.

In all likelihood Clarkson has been suspended on full pay.

This is not classified as a disciplinary censure.

A disciplinary hearing will probably be convened in the next few days.

Clarkson will be told what the allegations against him are and will have the opportunity to refute them and to call witnesses.

He will have the right to be accompanied by a Trade Union representative or a work colleague.

Somehow I cannot see Clarkson being accompanied by a Trade Union official! Can you?

Maybe he will use Hamster or May!

Which would you use?

After all the evidence is heard the BBC will then take breath and will come to a decision which could have catastrophic ramifications for the BBC’s bottom line.

Jeremy Clarkson already has a final warning against his name.

This means that any kind of disciplinary finding could result in his dismissal from the BBC and an end to the most watched factual programme in the world

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