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Why 4 Lawyers in a BNI chapter do not spoil the broth

Law is comparable to medicine in that all Doctors have a particular speciality and a Doctor will pass on referrals to other specialists when he or she does not practice in the area of expertise that the patient requires. Solicitors are the same.Our regulating body tells us that we can only deal with those matters which we are competent to deal with. Therefore solicitors develope their own specialities and stick to them. I specialise in Employment Law and Criminal litigation whilst being a qualified mediator . Yet I often receive calls from members of the public asking if I do conveyancing,draft wills or if I can handle a relative’s immigration matter. Sometimes the clients are returning to me after I have successfully dealt with another matter for them. In the past I might have referred them to the Law Society or the Legal Services Commission website. Yet now I have a network of lawyers ,specialising in those areas ,who I can refer work to knowing that they will deal with clients in a professional manner. They are all fellow members of the Stadium BNI chapter on the Harrow/Wembley border.

The fact that I have these contacts increases my value to potential clients and means that they might return to me when they have a matter I can personally deal with. It also demonstrates the BNI philosophy of Givers Gain. I refer matters ,I am ill equipped to deal with ,on to my BNI colleagues and,in return, when they have employment law matters which they cannot deal with then they pass those matters on to my firm. This increases the amount of business passed in the chapter,ensures that clients obtain the best quality expert advice and enhances the services provided by solicitors within the chapter. We also,as a result, have a very strong Legal and Finance Power team within the Stadium Chapter. So if you are a solicitor clinging on to every Legal category within your chapter then consider letting go of those you do not specialise in. Then watch the increase in business you will receive from quality cross referrals between other solicitors in your Chapter. Sundeep Bhatia Beaumonde Law Practice

Solicitors in BNI Stadium Chapter

Sundeep Bhatia Beaumonde Law Practice Evans House Pinner Middlesex HA5 5PA 0208681614 07803727534 Twitter @BeaumondeLaw @SundeepBhatia2

Lawrence Lupin.(Immigration Law) Lawrence Lupin Solicitors Dexion House 2-4 Empire Way Wembley Middlesex HA9 0EF Tel 02087337200

Rajni Perez(conveyancing) Christopher Mathew solicitors 1 Olympic Way Middlesex HA9 0NP 02087821142

Shamim Ibrahim (wills and probate) Ansham White Solicitors LLP 88-90 High Road Harrow on the Hill Middlesex HA1 3LP

AnshamWhite solicitors

Harrow on the Hill

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