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Why 911 into “The Bridge” does not go

I have just submerged breathless after watching Seasons 1 and 2 of the excellent “The Bridge” back to back. It has been a dark richly rewarding experience. The team behind this excellent Scandanavian Detective drama are well versed in the norms of Detective Dramas. Police officers ,in fiction,or on the screen,cannot be average,ordinary or boring. They have to have a hint of eccentricity and an unusual character trait. They cannot have a conventional or harmonious home life. Their day job always gets in the way of that. Step forward Saga Noren and Martin Rhodin. Saga Noren is a Character cut in the mould of the Autistic modern day reinvention of Sherlock. She is an excellent Police Officer ,with the Social skills and empathy of a Water Buffallo ,geared to existence rather than towards living. Here is a highly intelligent woman who has no time for make up,hairdos or clothes. This is a woman who sniffs her armpits and,if required,changes her T shirt in front of her embarrassed fellow Officers. This is a woman whose idea of haute cuisine is an Olive on top of an oven pizza. This is a women who has no idea how to deal with people. This is someone who will tell a mother,concerned about the disappearance of her daughter,that there is a good chance that the daughter will not be found alive. This is a woman who does not understand the need to praise or encourage workmates. This is a woman who consumes lovers in the same way as she consumes fast food. This is a woman without an ounce of passion or imagination in her body. So why would her attitude to driving differ,at all,from all other aspects of her life? Why would she be passionate about cars when food,clothes,sex and interpersonnel relationships do not interest her? Surely she would go for the simplest means of getting from A to B. Something,simple,small,reliable and soulless such as a Toyota Yaris. Such a character would,surely,not seek out a 30 year old Porsche 911? That would be too expensive to run,too costly to fuel and too expensive to service for a character like hers . It would take an ounce of passion to select a car like that. People without soul would not select a car like that. Saga Noren is a woman without a soul. She should also be a woman Without a 911.

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