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Why BNI is a must for any serious Business

This morning I attended the first meeting of the year at the Stadium Chapter of BNI (Business Networking International) on the Harrow and Wembley borders. It was the first meeting in three weeks ,following a Christmas break,and I could not wait to get out of bed to attend. I was fired up to do business whilst ,at the same time,having some fun with my Chapter friends. BNI is the creation of Dr Ivan Meisner who,in 1985, during another recession,collected a group of his friends together,around his kitchen table,with a view to their passing on business to each other From such humble beginnings the idea spread and developed to become a worldwide phenomenon.Like Mr Bean it has spread to gain prominence in all manner of countries regardless of culture,creed or philosophy. This is because,like all great ideas,it is very simple and is based around the lovely idea that “Givers Gain.” In other words if you,as an individual,find business for others then they will find business for you. BNI has also succeeded because it is an idea that works. I have been a member of BNI for the last 5.5 years It is a crucial part of my business which I greatly value. What puts BNI head and shoulders above other Networking organisations is its rigid structural backbone. There are rules to ensure that members regularly attend,participate and contribute.There are training courses to help members and there is accountability. Because of this accountability members do not attend or not attend as they please. As a result there are strong meetings every week because most ,if not all members ,are in attendance. If a member cannot attend,for any reason ,then they are encouraged to find substitutes to take their place. At Stadium BNI you,as a member,have a sales force of 25 other members who you educate to look for business for yourself whilst you are taught to look for business for them. At the end of the day we all attend Stadium BNI to pick up business. However there are strong social aspects to Membership too. I have made wonderful friends who I enjoy doing business with. This is a great time for Stadium BNI. At the last meeting of 2012 we passed the million pound mark for invoiced work passed within the chapter and the number of members is rising fast. We are currently looking for individuals in the following categories who are keen to pick up more business. An Events Organiser,Travel Agent,General Insurance Broker and a Telecoms expert.Only one person from each category can join so you would not be competing against your competitors! If you would like to see one of our meetings in action then you can do so for a meeting fee of £15 which includes a cooked breakfast.There is no obligation to attend another meeting and you would have ample opportunity to network,pass your cards around and to inform members as to what your business does. BNI Stadium meets every Wednesday. For more details please contact myself,Sundeep Bhatia of Beaumonde Law Practice ,on 07803727534. I look forward to meeting some of you!

Sundeep Bhatia Beaumonde Law Practice Evans House 107 Marsh Road Pinner Middlesex HA5 5PA 02088681614 Emergency 07803727534 @SundeepBhatia2

Accepting the BNI Stadium Cup for my 60 second presentation at this mornings meeting of StadiumBNI

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