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At Beaumonde Law Practice we are proud to proclaim that we are a firm of Solicitors.

The Badge of Solicitor is a benchmark of quality.

A Solicitor is a trained professional with a good knowledge of the Law.

The fact that we can call ourselves Solicitors is a kite mark of personal probity.

We are also proud to be Solicitors because it provides certain guarantees to our clients.

We have Professional Indemnity Insurance.If something goes wrong then you,the client,should not be left out of pocket.

If we behave unethically then we face disciplinary action at the hands of our Professional Regulator,the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

If you need to complain then we are answerable to the Legal Services Ombudsman.

However we always move Heaven and Earth to ensure that you are satisfied.

This is because we have a reputation and a Solicitor’s firm lives and dies by it’s reputation.

Employment Law is mostly classified as unregulated work.

This means that ,technically,anyone can do it.

However,in most cases, you will not receive the same guarantees or safeguards if you decide to instruct a non solicitor.

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