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What makes Beaumonde Law Practice special?

There are any number of “legal advisors” out there offering employment law services.

My name is Sundeep Bhatia and I set up Beaumonde Law Practice, in 2007, in order to give expert employment law advice at a reasonable price.

I achieve this by keeping my overheads low. I operate from a serviced office in South Harrow, at Pentax House, South Hill Avenue, Northolt Road, HA2 ODU.

The office is well served by public transport. It is next to South Harrow Underground Station and can be found in Pentax House, which is directly behind South Harrow Bus station.

Some employment law advisors, such as myself, are legally qualified. (I am a solicitor who qualified in 1992).Others may have no legal qualifications at all. Beware of the expression lawyer. It has no real relevance in England and Wales.

Anyone can set themselves up ,in England and Wales, as an employment law specialist.

If you are not careful, then you may find that you have instructed someone with little legal expertise and , if things go wrong, then you may find that you are left high and dry with little recourse against your advisor. This is because an “unregulated” advisor might not have insurance , or adequate insurance, and , in all likelihood,you would not have the ability to complain about such an advisor to an ombudsman or a professional regulator.


Beaumonde Law Practice is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation authority.

It holds comprehensive legal insurance, and has a comprehensive complaints policy which includes the ability to make a complaint to the Legal Services Ombudsman, if we cannot resolve your complaint internally.

I am required to have adequate training , and continuing professional education, in order to deal with your matter.I am answerable to disciplinary action, by the solicitors regulation authority, if I do not abide by the professional standards of my profession.

I have professional training and 27 years experience as a qualified solicitor.

I choose to operate as a sole practitioner. I work on my own and, if you instruct me, then you will personally deal with me , unless you want me to instruct a professional barrister in a particular case.

There are no para -legals or less experienced solicitors in my firm.

You are my client and the appetite of every client for settlement or dispute is different. Some clients want to settle at all costs. Others want to take limited action and there are those who want to fight a case at all costs.


I pride myself on listening to my clients and putting their wishes into operation in order to help them to decide a way forward, I give my clients all the imformation they need to decide, including the value of a claim, its strengths and weaknesses and the likely costs of bringing or defending a claim.

You can compare me to a specialist surgeon advising a client as to the risks , and chances of success, of a major operation.

With this imformation, you, as a client, can decide how you want me to deal with a dispute, whether you are an employer or employee.

I also advise on all methods of funding including legal insurance, paying by the hour and no win no fee.Please note that I do not routinely take on no win no fee cases because it is an economic decision for me to take by means of ascertaining the chances of success and the value of the claim .

I do charge for evaluations of cases. However , you may feel that it is best to pay a reasonable fee, for an initial evaluation, rather than embarking on a claim, or defence of a claim, which might involve considerable effort , and distress, in return for a marginal return.

At the end of the day, I take considerable pride in providing a high quality service to my clients. I care about my reputation and nothing is more important to me then obtaining the best possible outcome for my clients.

If you would like to meet, in order to discuss your requirements, then do not hesitate to contact me on 02088681614, 07803727534 or

Initial fixed fee appointments are avaliable and I look forward to being of service to you.

Sundeep Bhatia

Beaumonde Law Practice.

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