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Why Apple and TV represent a match made in heaven

Do you own an iPhone and/or an ipad?

If so then may I recommend this little gadget in light of Apple’s £20 reduction inits price.

Step forward the “Apple TV”. An unassuming black box with an Apple logo emblazoned on it. Yet press the menu button and this magic box adds a whole host of features to your television for a modest price.

The party trick of the Apple TV is to transmit whatever is on the screen of your iPhone or ipad wirelessly to your smart TV using a process called Airplay.

Secondly there are a number of apps on the home screen allowing you to access services such as Netflix as well as thousands of internet radio stations.

The Apple TV also allows you to stream photographs ,videos and tunes from your home PC. The picture quality is great and the sound ,on films,is excellent.

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